Professional Detailing and Ceramic Coatings

Maintenance is the most essential part of owning your vehicle. This task starts with the care of its exterior, as well as its interior. We have spent decades testing and proving the best methods and products to help achieve true cleanliness, gloss and care for your transportation. There is not a one size fits all. You can spend hours and hours, as well as thousands of dollars trying to find the secret to ultimate perfection. The best way is to call Autopia NTX and leave it to the professionals. We will make you and your vehicle look their best while saving you money and adding time back into your busy life by doing it for you.

Interior or exterior, Autopia NTX offers the most comprehensive and professional treatments and detailing services. Single service details and scheduled routine packages are available to provide you the best services available. We believe in not only taking care of your investment, but our environment, as well. Because of this, we use environmentally safe and friendly products to deliver results that everyone envies.


Paint correction is the process of using different levels of abrasive compounds and polishes to remove swirls, oxidation, and micro marring from your vehicle’s surface. We start each paint correction with a clay bar decontamination wash. Performing a clay bar decontamination aids in the corrective process. Clay decontamination washes manually remove contaminates such as, tree sap, road tar, industrial fallout and iron particles that can cause future issues with your paint and glass, but also prevent them from looking their best. Micro marring, oxidation and swirl marks are a result of improper care of the vehicle. These could be caused by drive-through car washes, dirty or abrasive cleaning cloths and detergents, and improper techniques of buffing vehicles. Depending on the paint’s condition, we will perform between 1 to 4 levels of necessary polishing in order to achieve your desired and best results. Each level of polishing slowly removes ultra thin layers of the clear coat in order to smooth out and fill in the scratches and marring which prevent the surfaces from maximum gloss and smoothness.

Ceramic coatings have become widely popular with automotive and marine enthusiasts and owners. Ceramic coatings are designed to repel oil, water, and dirt and are extremely hydrophobic! They are surface specific and are not a “one size fits all” application. They also provide UV protectants which will help keep the treated surface areas safer and more protected from the elements. Waxes and sealants act as a sacrificial layer and breakdown a lot faster than a ceramic coating. They are not as chemical resistant and protective to the painted surfaces, which is why more and more people are choosing to protect and enhance their vehicle with ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are hand applied. The ceramic coatings we utilize and apply are the most eco-friendly and have the lowest if any VOCs.

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