Hail and Paintless Dent Repair

When it comes to repair a vehicle, you have two types of repairs, paintless dent repair and conventional repair.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the art of manipulating the damaged area back to its original form without having to repaint the area. A technician uses a wide array of tools and special lighting to create a image of depth perception in a area, and methodically massages the damage back to it original state. This is the preferred method of repair, when possible, because it leaves your vehicle in factory condition, helping hold its value, and is a more efficient process than a conventional repair would be. PDR is used by every manufacturer in the world and can be done to both steel and aluminum. Dents, door dings, creases or hail, our certified technicians have worked with every insurance company and manufacturer, assuring you the highest level of repairs and is backed by a lifetime warranty!

With the greater DFW area annually under threat of hail, the team at Metro Dent has been here to offer the best service available for over 25 years. We maintain our own staff of certified PDR and hail technicians year round. Because of the experience and knowledge of our owners, we also have the ability to bring in additional staffing when storm season rises and most body shops get backed up. These technicians have the same certifications and provide the same, unbeatable quality and service. Our commitment to you is simple: easy process, the highest quality of repairs, and a lifetime warranty from a local business that operates year round and not here for the hail storm and somewhere else when or if you ever needed them again.

Conventional repairs are done through the use of either replacing or repairing areas and then repainting them. While PDR is always our preferred method of repair, it is not always possible and then necessary to repair conventionally in order to deliver you the proper repair to meet your needs and expectations. Our conventional repairs are second to none and also backed by a lifetime warranty!

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