Frequently Asked Questions

Hail damage falls into comprehensive coverage, and will not raise your insurance premiums. If comprehensive rates increase, it will be area wide and with all insurance companies whether you turned in a claim or not!
For most insurance companies, you have up to one year to turn in a claim.
It is very common that an initial estimate from your insurance company will not be the actual cost to repair your vehicle. This is for any reasons, and not because your insurance company doesn’t wat to pay what is owed. Many times, an adjuster is required to view damages in not ideal conditions, preventing them from being accurate. Other times, some insureds do not repair the damages. The insurance company is a business, too. If they can give you less, until they are assured the repairs will be done, they will. The shop will apply for what is called a supplement and handle the additional needs required directly with your insurance company.
No, as the policy holder, you have the right to chose your repair shop.
Insurance companies may have deals or contracts set up with other body or repair shops. Because they agree to help facilitate those shops getting work, they may receive discounts on parts, labor, or dictate how a particular repair is done. At Autopia NTX, we want the vehicle owner to receive the best and highest level or repairs, and at the best value to the vehicle owner.
OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the automotive space, OEM parts are direct from the manufacturer of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are made from another source or vendor and fit for your vehicle.
No, we do not report repairs and claims to CarFax.
This is very common! You do not need to worry if our estimate is different from what your insurance company wrote. Many times, your insurance adjuster is forced to write a estimate in improper conditions or may not be able to see damages behind a panel. We can and will handle this on your behalf through a supplement process. This process allows us to tear down the vehicle properly ,asses the full damages, and recommend the proper repairs required.
It is no problem here at Autopia NTX if you don’t have rental car insurance! We are happy to provide you a loaner vehicle to drive while your services and repairs are completed!
We do not require appointments, and walk ins are always welcome! You are welcome to schedule an appointment and make sure that we have a loaner vehicle available if you prefer.
PDR stand for paintless dent repair. This is the art of manipulating and massaging damage back to its original state, without having to repaint the panel.
A conventional repair is the term or method used for repairing a vehicle through body and paint work. This can be through the use of replacing parts and panels, using body filler and sanding, and then repainting the necessary panels of damage.
PDR is always the best and first option that should be attempted. Utilizing PDR, maintains the vehicle factory condition and is a more efficient repair. However, not all types of damage can be done utilizing PDR, therefore, conventional repairs must be done.
Estimates are free. Some customers want to know and understand the entire process. We are happy to walk you through, step by step, if that is what you would like. However, if the repairs are being done through insurance, all we need is the vehicle and the claim number. We can handle all the paperwork and negotiating with the insurance on your behalf. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you may call our office or set your appointment on our scheduling tool on the home page.
If you wish to schedule an appointment, you may call our office or set your appointment on our scheduling tool on the home page.
Paint correction is the term used by people to describe a method and process to restore or rejuvenate paint to a vehicle. It minimizes and/or eliminates surface imperfections that cause dullness, hazing, micro marring or oxidation to the painted surface hiding its sharpness, reflection and proper color.
Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to a vehicle or surface that chemically bonds to the surface and creates a protective layer helping prevent and repel oil, water and debris. In addition, ceramic coatings can enhance gloss, provide UV protectant and helps protect your vehicles surface.
PPF stands for paint protective film. It has also been called clear film or clear bra. This thin thermoplastic urethane is applied to a vehicles painted surfaces to help prevent and protect from rocks chips and debris. This film can be applied to any surface and is laser cut specifically to the measurements of the panel.
Both applications will enhance and protect your vehicles surfaces, but they are very different. Many customers opt to do both processes. It is imperative that the PPF is applied first, as a ceramic coated panel will not allow the film or vinyl to stick, once its applied.

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