Additional Cosmetic Services

With so many options and customizations available for automotive vehicles, Autopia NTX delivers everything you could imagine! Whether you’re just in need of a repair to an existing customization or looking for something new, we have you covered. We offer every type of cosmetic service imaginable. This provides you with one source to exceed all of your needs and adds time back into your life by preventing the need to go to several different places for service.

– Vinyl wraps
– Paint protective film
– Window tinting
– Wheel repair
– Spray in bedliners
– Audio upgrades and customization
– LED lighting packages
– Custom head lights and taillights

Vinyl wraps are a perfect way to protect your paints surface, but they also give a more economical solution to giving a vehicle facelift. Our vinyl wrap services utilize 3M and Avery Dennison come in hundreds of colors and finishes including matte, satin, gloss, chrome, brushed metal, color flip and carbon fiber. Autopia NTX provides you with the perfect application for color changes and customized vinyl wraps. Like vinyl wraps, paint protective films (PPF), are essential to help protect your vehicles surfaces from stone chips, scratches, and road debris. PPF is the most comprehensive form of defense to protect the surfaces, If you’re tired on all the chips and scratches in your vehicles surface, or want to ensure you won’t need to worry about your new vehicles paint being damaged in the first place? Come see us at Autopia NTX and let us protect your investment.

LED lighting packages and audio upgrades are a great way to draw attention and create envy while showcasing your vehicle. With so many options and customizations possible, we couldn’t list them all! You can rest assure that we have the ability to provide you the best audio and visual performance that can be seen or heard!

Ever nicked a curb with your wheels or hit a pothole and damaged your rim? Who hasn’t! But, Autopia NTX has the ability to get you and your wheel straightened out and resurfaced and painted back to new. Powder coating isn’t only limited to the wheels but provides better performance to certain areas demanding better durability and resistance to scratching and chipping. This is due to the thermal bonding process during curing of the finely ground particles of pigment and resin.

Autopia NTX is teaming up with NTXGlow! To further provide our clients with anything and everything, NTXGlow custom makes automotive lighting specific to your needs and desires. If you’re looking for that one of a kind custom look for your lighting needs and seeing something never seen before? Come see us! Truly amazing pieces of work and art that will elevate your lighting like never before.

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